Ear Candles
Ear Candles
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Ear candles are hollow cones, about ten inches long and are are made from 100% unbleached muslin in a high grade, food quality wax (this prevents dripping and crumbling of wax and cloth inside the cone). All Harmony ear candles are made by hand.

Ear candles are used to clean ear canals safely and effectively. Ear drops cannot fully penetrate the entire ear canal as the heated smoke from ear candles can. The wax inside the ear is warmed up, loosened, and then pulled up by the vacuum created by the burning ear candle.

Full instructions are included with your order. Here is a copy of the directions:

Ear candling uses a hollow candle that resembles a wide straw, coated with paraffin wax. Equipment needed to do ear candling: Pair of ear candles, matches, cream, at least two paper towels, and a bowl of water. It is important that the person getting the ear candling done have at least one assistant to help. Use a paper towel with a hole pressed through the middle to cover the area around the ear. Place the pointed end of the ear candle through the hole in the paper towel, and put a small amount of cream, such as Vaseline or First Aid Cream around the pointed tip. Place the ear candle in the ear at a slight angle, being sure it fits well in the ear canal. While holding the candle light the other end with a match. As the vacuum begins the flame will increase. The flame will stay steady with occasional black smoke coming out of the top.

Check to make sure there is no smoke coming out of the ear. If there is, then put out the candle and restart. Otherwise let the ear candle burn down until about 4 to 5 inches remain. Then put the candle out by dunking it in a bowl of water. After the flame is out, the candle can be unrolled to see the effects of the ear candling. A small amount of powder and dark orange wax is normal. More than a small amount of wax indicates that there was some removal of wax, fluid, or mucus from the ear canal.

Do NOT use ear candles for anyone with tubes in their ears. Be cautious about using ear candles for anyone with an acute ear infection. The movement of fluid through the ear canal can further irritate the inner ear.

If dryness occurs after using ear candles, a drop of olive oil can be placed in the ear to soothe the ear canal.

Can Anything Go Wrong?
If the ear candle is not well seated in the ear when you start or if the seal is broken any time during the burning, you may notice smoke coming out of the bottom of the ear candle. Stop immediately. Put it out and start over. It lost its draw/vacuum.

How Often Can I Do Ear Candling?
You have to use your own judgment as to what feels normal and how often to use them. A general suggestion is to use them as needed depending on the symptoms. For head colds they can be used more often. If dryness is occurring in the ear, use them less or drop some oil to soothe the ear canal.

Ear Candles are beneficial in some cases but not all. Having no control over the use of these candles, we, the seller, assume not liability with their use. Under no circumstances are we liable for any damages, loss, or expenses arising out of the use or inability to use this product.

NOTE: Price is $5 per pair (two candles). Only sold in sets of two.