Discover natural techniques and remedies for your wellness!
See how to prevent chronic diseases by making healthy choices. 
Better health through awareness!

Keep Your Immune System Strong All Year!

Check to make sure your immune system is working for you!
     - "Patterns of Stress"  Discover how to test your pH levels to see you have tendency to immune weakness, joint and muscle stress, circulation problems, or toxic conditions.  This is a downloadable e-book
Tired of Chronic Pain? Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue resources / articles
       - "Natural Choices for Fibromyalgia" paperback book - see what you can do to relieve chronic pain naturally by improving your diet, using targeted nutritional supplements, and homeopathic remedies.
       - Food Acid/Alkaline Chart - see if you are eating too many acid forming foods that cause immune stress and chronic pain issues
     - Anti-Inflammatory Diet
  - reduce inflammation by following these dietary guidelines  
Free Radical Urine Test Kit - measure your level of toxins causing free radicals and faster aging. This simple and accurate in-home  urine test shows results in just 5 minutes.  Now with bulk order options.

Heart Disease is Preventable! Resources
     - Digital Pulsewave Analyzer testing - in-office testing for circulation issues - see how old your arteries are! 

     - "Sleep Apnea Solution" Kindle book  - Stop Sleep Apnea quickly with a $4 solution.

Omega Q Plus = Fish Oil/CoQ10/B6, B12, Folic Acid, and L-Carnitine -
All-In-One Supplement! Recommended by Dr. Stephen Sinatra

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Prevent Diabetes and Blood Sugar Issues resources / articles
- Glycemic Index and Load Chart
- see if the foods you eat raise your blood sugar too quickly.  Use this chart to see if you are eating the carbohydrates that turn to sugar quickly. 
- "Yes, You Can Have Carbohydrates" e-book - in-depth info on using the Glycemic Load Chart

Food and Chemical Sensitivity Resources
- Food sensitivity questionnaire - Is your diet causing your symptoms?  See common symptoms of food sensitivities.
- Heavy metal sources and effects  - We are exposed to heavy metals from many sources - see where they are found and the symptoms they create.

Mental / Emotional Health Resources
     - Brain health exercises - Improve memory with exercises at this website - Do focusing and better decision-making exercises. 
     - "Natural Choices for Attention Deficit Disorder" paperback book -
          See how blood sugar affects attention
          Find out which homeopathic remedy matches your ADD symptom
          Do stress reduction exercises and find out how you learn

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Natural Health Services
  - Li
mbic Stress Assessment (Electro-Dermal Screening) $15 off coupon special!
          * Testing can be done over the Internet from your location!
             Call to get your own hand cradle!

Watch this video to see how it works!

   - Voice Stress Analysis - find out how your perceptions are affecting your life. Voice patterns show where you are holding emotional stress affecting your success in making positive changes.

 NEW - ONDAMED Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Therapy -  helps resolve acute and chronic conditions, from emotional and neurologic conditions to acute sports injuries and everything in between. ONDAMED helps locate energy imbalances and restore energy balance with very precise electromagnetic impulses. In-office only sessions.

-  Bio-Chemical Nutrition Testing - in-office urine and saliva testing finds
    metabolic imbalances relating to minerals, adrenal stress, and malabsorption.       

  * Test Yourself At-Home!
  > Free Radical Test Kit - measure your level of oxidative stress in your urine. See how quickly you are aging. New quantity options available. 
  > Patterns of Stress pH Testing Kit - learn how to measure your pH to see your metabolic stress area.  Do you have immune system stress, joint and muscle stress, circulation stress, or toxic reactions?

Natural Health Specialties

Homeopathy - See how homeopathy helps reduce cellular imbalances caused by stress reaction
Naturopathy - Discover the goals of a natural and functional medicine docto
Food Sensitivities? - Take this short quiz to see if foods are causing you health issues
Detoxification questionnaire - See where toxins are affecting your health

Need quality nutritional supplements?
Targeted Nutrition for Specific Health Challenges
Get 10% of high quality anti-inflammatory supplements and medical foods.

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